Does Your Child Need To See a Therapist?

Paring Your Child with the Perfect Therapist

Please call Queens Consultation Center today for a child psychiatry consultation with your child and you. Get your child the help they need to live a quality-productive life. Our location is in Rego Park, NY. We are proud to have over 30 seasoned, skilled, certified, licensed therapists and seasoned, licensed medical doctors certified in child psychiatry who are only a phone call away.

If you see signs that your child needs therapy, it is not something to be fearful of, anxious about, or hesitant to talk to someone you do not know. Since the COVID pandemic, we have seen an increase in mental health issues in children covering an array of issues.

Signs Your Child Needs to Consult a Child Therapist

Many children do not want to talk with their parents about their struggles. Children have many reasons for not wanting to talk to their parents, which does not mean their parents are less than ideal. Instead, children seem to speak more freely to an outsider. However, your child and their therapist must connect. It is not unusual if they do not connect; we find a therapist in our group that connects with your child.

We listed the following signs that your child may need therapy. Remembering to get your child's help as soon as possible is critical to their recovery.

  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Threatens self-harm, such as suicide
  • Increasingly anti-social from friends, family, and activities
  • Changes in appetite and sleep patterns
  • Connectivity problems with family, friends, school teachers, activities, and friendships
  • Decrease in self-worth and feelings of non-importance to others
  • Increasingly lacks self-confidence
  • Obsessively worries about the future
  • Increasingly negative behaviors
  • Expresses hopelessness
  • Panic attacks

Parents know their children the best. If a parent feels their child needs therapy, they must be cautious and seek professional help. If you live in Rego Park, NY, or a surrounding community, never hesitate to call us for help with your child.

Trust Seasoned, Skilled Queens Consultation Center for Your Child's Therapy

When you surmise your child needs therapy, no matter the underlying problems, help is only a phone call away. Therefore, matching your child with the correct therapist your child can confide in and trust is critical.

Our consultation center has over 30 seasoned, skilled, certified, licensed therapists and seasoned, licensed medical doctors certified in child psychiatry. Please call Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY today for a consultation at 718-459-1225.  

We work hard to match your child with a therapist they can trust and with whom they can enjoy therapy sessions.

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