What Is Behavior Modification?

There are certain behaviors that you may notice in your child that you may want to make sure don’t reoccur as they get older. Simply put, you modify a child’s behavior with positive and negative consequences. Behavior modification is often used to regulate children with ADHD, autism, or oppositional defiant disorder, but can used for any child that struggles with certain behaviors. Your professional team at Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY, can help explain what behavior modification is and how it can help your child develop their behaviors in a healthy way.

What is Behavior Modification?

In order to help modify behaviors, positive punishment is used to negate negative behaviors. Instead of getting frustrated, positive punishment adds a consequence that helps stop a child from repeating negative behaviors in the future. Examples could be telling your child to write an apology letter after hurting someone’s feelings or giving them an extra chore when they lie about chores they’ve already been assigned.

Negative punishment is also used and this includes taking something away. Negative punishment could be placing a child in time-out or taking away a child’s access to electronics. Behavior modification can be used in many ways and your doctor in Rego Park, NY, can help you as you start learning how to help control your child’s behaviors.

Reinforcement can be used to promote good behavior and encourage better listening skills. You can praise your child for good behaviors and be there as reinforcement if they’re behaving negatively. Negative reinforcement isn’t as effective as positive reinforcement but can be used in certain situations.

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If you’re struggling with certain behaviors from your child, there may be a way to help your child handle these behaviors. Contact your professional team at Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY, to learn about behavior modification. Call for more information today at (718) 459-1225.

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