Signs It May Be Time To Take Your Child to a Therapist

How do you know when it’s time to schedule an appointment for child psychiatry services in Rego Park, NY? The best option is to schedule an appointment with the providers at Queens Consultation Center. Our team of compassionate and highly trained professionals can help you assess and meet your child’s mental health needs efficiently.

Always listen to your gut instinct as a parent. No one knows your child better than you do. To help you finalize your decision to schedule an appointment for a child psychiatric evaluation, there are five common signs that lead many parents to take that first step toward help. 

1. Regressive Behavior

A child is considered regressive if they go back to behaviors that they have already outgrown. For example, a fully potty-trained child may start wetting the bed frequently. Another example is a generally good-tempered child who suddenly starts throwing temper tantrums as they did as a toddler. Some children even regress in language and speaking abilities. 

2. Concerning Behavior Changes

You may also notice changes in behavior that are concerning but not quite regressive. For example, your child may suddenly start crying a lot or needs an unusual amount of reassurance to get through the day. Changes in eating patterns and sleeping habits may also signal that your child needs child psychiatry services in Rego Park, NY. 

3. Potentially Harmful Behaviors

If you’re concerned that your child is harming themselves or someone else in any way, they may need some mental health help. For example, your child may lash out with aggressive or violent behavior when asked to get off the video game and help around the house. They may also make comments like wishing they weren’t here or issue threats to themselves and others when angry. 

4. Social Withdraw

If your child is pulling away from family members and not hanging out with friends as usual, perhaps there is something on their mind that they aren’t telling you about. A therapist is a neutral party that allows your child to express themselves freely, getting the help they need to return to a full social life. 

5. Issues in Multiple Areas of Life

Children with unmet psychiatric needs often struggle in multiple areas of life. Everyone has problems, regardless of age. Some kids may struggle socially while others are academically challenged. When you notice your child has issues in multiple areas of life or just seems to struggle overall no matter what, it’s probably time to see a therapist. 

If you believe your child could benefit from child psychiatry in Rego Park, NY, contact Queens Consultation Center today. Call (718) 459-1225 to schedule your initial consultation. The best way to determine your child’s suitability for therapy is to discuss current issues with a trained doctor.

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