How Can Marriage Counseling Help You?

Queens Consultation Center specializes in mental health by offering different types of therapy for individuals, groups, and families. If you need marital therapy in Rego Park, NY, you're certainly not alone and we help couples overcome their challenges, too. Keep reading about marital therapy and contact us to start working towards a happier relationship.

Marital therapy in Rego Park, NY, might be the last place you thought you and your partner would be. You might feel concerned about your partner's mental health or uncertain about the future, and those are normal feelings for patients in counseling. Every kind of relationship takes work to maintain, and marriage is going to challenge you and your partner at times. Having support at those times can make all the difference for your future.

Your counselor may recommend individual therapy too if you or your partner are dealing with trauma or your own mental health issues. Navigating a relationship is hard enough when both partners are healthy - if your counselor feels underlying issues are preventing marriage counseling from being helpful, be open to their suggestion of individual sessions.

Needing marriage counseling doesn't mean your relationship isn't strong now. Counseling is a way to take care of your marriage so that it says strong and both partners continue to be happy and feel supported. We can help couples overcome all the challenges of a relationship, from improving communication to helping each other move past trauma. Even help with mediation if you do decide to separate. Your happiest and healthiest selves are within reach with help and support from our counselors.

If you feel you are already in a crisis, it's important for you and your partner to start therapy. Queens Consultation Center welcomes you to try counseling with our skilled and dedicated providers. Contact us to start marital therapy in Rego Park, NY, at (718) 459-1225

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