How Can Marriage Counseling Help You?

If your marriage has hit a rough patch or you'd merely like to strengthen it to prevent a rough patch, the team at Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY, can assist.

What's Marital Therapy and Counseling?

Essentially, marital therapy and counseling are meant to explore various aspects of your relationship. It's a time when both parties get to express their concerns, and the counselor helps to resolve these issues and encourages each partner to listen to the other one. It could include resolving any unresolved issues, both known and unknown. 

Resolutions may include compromise or deciding on a solution best for both parties. 

Marital therapy or counseling doesn't just have to be when times get rough. One of our Rego Park, NY, therapists can also assist in helping you become a strong couple who can conflict resolve and work through any problems that occur on your own.  

Confidential and Safe

As with any medical professional, we're required to keep your patient information to ourselves. Therefore, anything you or your partner state during our sessions is confidential and will never leave the room. 

At our practice, we encourage open and honest shares. Nothing can be resolved if there are hidden issues that have yet to surface in order to be resolved. With that being said, we want you to know that our office is a safe space. You can tell us anything, and we won't judge. We truly understand nobody is perfect and have heard it all. Our job isn't to condemn you anyway; we're here to help you resolve your problems and strengthen your relationship. 

Knowing When It's Time

You may see happy couples and wonder how they do it, and why you can't achieve that with your significant other. However, you can achieve that. Not every couple has the natural ability to work through whatever comes their way, and that's when marital therapy can assist. 

We advise patients to visit us at the first signs of a problem, not just once the crack has widened enough that hostility and resentment have set in. No matter how severe your problems are, though, our practitioner may be able to help. 

Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY, is a place where you and your partner can feel comfortable and open up direct lines of communication. We're all trained professionals with compassion who are ready to help you through your problems. 

If you've hit an impasse or a bump in the road in your marriage, contact us today at (718) 459-1225.

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