Signs Your Child May Need to See An Adolescent Psychiatrist

Adolescence is a time of constant change and new experiences, and as a parent, you try to find a balance between giving your child a helping hand so they can navigate this sometimes turbulent time and giving them the freedom to do so. This dilemma may seem much more difficult to navigate when your teenage child is struggling. It's not always easy to tell when they need help, or when they may need help from someone other than you. Use the examples below as a guide but remember to trust your instincts and look for help from your local Rego Park, NY, professionals of Queens Consultation Center to learn more about adolescent psychiatry.

Mood Swings

Changes in mood are common for teenagers, they can sometimes seem like a prerequisite to that time in their life. But these mood swings may be cause for concern if they are happening frequently, if your teenager has problems managing their emotions, especially their anger, they could benefit from professional assistance.


Grief and trauma can affect everyone at every age and the response from individuals can be just varied. A teenager may not be as equipped as an adult to manage exposure to life-changing events, but even adults will typically seek some form of counseling at these times. So even if your teenager appears to be handling everything okay it's often best to play it safe.

Substance Abuse

Teenagers may abuse alcohol, drugs, even prescription medication, often as a way to mask or medicate an underlying problem. If you notice signs that your teenager is abusing substances you should have them seek professional help.

Suicidal Comments

Thoughts of suicide, whether they are expressed as a joke in passing or as a threat during an outburst should not be ignored.

Adolescent Psychiatry in Rego Park, NY

Other signs may be more difficult to spot and can be mistaken for an adolescent being lazy, or too concerned about the food they eat, or their weight. A good indicator, besides your instinct as a parent, is if their new behavior is affecting their everyday life or their relationships, or school performance.

Find out if your teenager can benefit from adolescent psychiatry by scheduling a consultation with the experts of Queens Consultation Center in Rego Park, NY, by dialing (718) 459-1225.

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