The Importance of Mental Health in Adolescents

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that ten to twenty percent of adolescents worldwide struggle with mental health disorders. Dr. Ludmila Davidov and her team of mental health providers of Queens Consultation Center offer multidisciplinary mental health services, including adolescent psychiatry in Rego Park, NY, and provides personalized mental health treatments.

Why Is Improving Mental Health as an Adolescent Important?

Your mental health is connected to all aspects of your life and affects your emotional well-being. Having a psychiatrist provide you with the techniques that help you cope with and respond to mental health disorder symptoms improves your holistic health. The common symptoms that you may have include feeling anxious, sadness, mood swings, etc. If you’re unsure whether your symptoms indicate that you have anxiety or depression, then get a psychiatric diagnosis. 

These are some of the topics that our mental health professionals are experienced in:

  • Anxiety
  • Sexuality
  • Depression
  • Peer pressure
  • Social anxiety
  • Gender identity
  • Academic Pressure
  • Personal life struggles
  • Communication skills
  • Bullying

Reduce Stress

Talking to a psychiatrist at our adolescent psychiatry in Rego Park, NY every week has a lot of benefits. During the sessions with your psychiatrist, you express and talk about your problems. The problems that you have could be the cause of your stress and your psychiatrist helps you think of ways that you can respond to it, which reduces the effect it has on you. Your psychiatrist may suggest that you practice mindfulness habits. For example, you could be encouraged to take a few minutes daily to meditate and relax or do yoga because it puts you at ease. 

Overcome Breakups

Have you ever been through a breakup? Renew your emotional well-being by learning how to respond to breakups. With the techniques that your psychiatrist teaches you, you’ll feel empowered and ready for a new relationship. Your psychiatrist uses talk therapy to help you express and embrace your emotions. The main goal of talk therapy is to help you cope with depression or anxiety while encouraging you to overcome your challenges and improve your mental health. Expressing your emotions with talk therapy helps you become aware and gives you clarity. When you improve your emotional abilities it improves your well-being, which affects your self-esteem. 

Properly Respond To Bullying

A lot of teens go through bullying and are unsure how to respond. Our psychiatrists help you understand what bullying is and help you get a new point of view. This includes teaching you how to change your attitude towards bullying. We also encourage you to do activities that restore your confidence. For example, if you’re being bullied, we’d suggest that you start a journaling routine, which helps with emotional expression. 

Renew Your Wellbeing at an Adolescent Psychiatry With Personalized Treatments

If you’d like to learn more about our adolescent psychiatry in Rego Park, NY, call Queens Consultation Center at (718) 459-1225, and Dr. Davidov and her staff can discuss the benefits of our multidisciplinary mental health center. 

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