What Is Family Therapy?

Everyone deals with issues that at times can't be solved without help. When you're dealing with communication issues in your family or your relationship, family therapy may be the best solution for you. Clinicians at Queens Consultation Center, LLC in Rego Park, NY, are here to help you navigate what family therapy is and how it can help improve your relationship with a partner or with your family.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of counseling designed to open the lines of communication with family members and to help resolve conflicts that may need professional advice. Family therapy is usually short-term depending on the conflicts that need to be addressed. Family therapy sessions are also designed to teach you skills to deal with stressful times, even after your therapy sessions are completed.

Family therapy can help you navigate a troubled relationship with a partner, a child, or other family members and can be used to discuss marital issues, conflicts between a parent and child, or to address the impact of one's substance abuse or mental illness. Family therapy can be extremely helpful to reform bonds that may have been broken due to conflict and can help a family cope with any stress or grief that may have been caused by a traumatic situation. It can also be used to learn healthy coping mechanisms and the end goal is to make sure you leave therapy with the skills to handle conflict healthily and positively.

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If your family or your relationship is suffering due to whatever situation you may be facing, family therapy may be the best option to regain healthy bonds and learn coping skills to deal with whatever comes your way. Call Queens Consultation Center, LLC in Rego Park, NY, today at (718) 459-1225 today to ask any questions and to set up an appointment for your first family therapy session.

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