What To Know About Family Therapy?

Family therapy refers to a specific type of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing relationship and communication issues and problems that exist within the family unit. If you live or work in and around Rego Park, NY, the experienced mental health professionals at Queens Consultation Center can help you and your family navigate the often tricky and complex world of family relationships.

What is Family Therapy?

In therapy, the family refers to those people who are emotionally, biologically, and legally interconnected and who routinely interact with each other in a defined unified system. The composition of family varies widely and may include parents (including non-biological guardians), children/stepchildren/adopted children, grandparents, and others who typically maintain strong and consistent bonds with other family members.

During a session with a family therapist,  all family members typically participate. A skilled and licensed therapist guides the conversations to ensure each member has the opportunity to participate by expressing their feelings and thoughts regarding the family unit.

Family therapists employ a variety of therapeutic techniques and methodologies; however, the type of therapy will depend on the family unit’s unique circumstances and needs.  

Family Therapy Objectives

Family therapy, which may be called family counseling, can be used for varying goals and objectives.

It can be a valuable intervention in situations where family dynamics contribute to an individual’s or a family’s emotional distress. It can be especially valuable in promoting change, improving communication, and building healthier family relationships.

Some of the objectives that can be achieved with family therapy include -

Improved Communication Among Family Members

All therapy seeks to improve communication skills. However, family therapy aims to provide a safe setting for honest, if not difficult, conversations that may contribute to challenging family dynamics.  

The Promotion of Understanding & Empathy

Another objective of this family-based mental health approach is to help family members understand the importance of empathy and support for others in the family environment.

The Resolution of Conflict

A family therapist has the skills to constructively address conflicts/disagreements, which allows for conflict resolution.

The Identification/Modification of Dysfunctional Patterns That No Longer Serve/Benefit the Family Dynamic

Over the years, family dynamics may have caused some members to create harmful coping behaviors. These behaviors can be modified with the help of a mental health professional.  

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If you would like information about our family mental health services, contact a member of Queens Consultation Center at (718) 459-1225 or online. We look forward to helping you solve family issues.

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